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Size Bucking Matters - Size Difference Pack by Frist44
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Size Bucking Matters - Size Difference Pack

Here we go again! You asked, we delivered!

A parody Colorful Equine Size Difference Art Pack featuring 12 Artists and 45+ Pieces of content spanning across digital drawings, an image set, comics, and an animated comic!! In aaall shapes and sizes~!

Little Spoon Edition and Big Spoon Edition available HERE! -…

For Big Spoon Edition we made one with all main images in the same folder, but also made one organized by artist for those of you who like your pics that way. You'll get to choose.

Full Disclosure of artists and ships included in both versions below, since you guys requested!

Spoilers if you wanna save the ships for a surprise, but the pack includes:

  • StunnerPone with 1 anthro Image (Sparity), and in Big Spoon Edition, a Feral NightmareLuna Image with Futa/Strapon variations.
  • FearingFun with a 3 Page StarXieCord comic and a Bonus Page in Big Spoon Edition!
  • Kit Bash with 2 images, ShiningMac and GriffonGabby and in Big SpoonEdition , 2 images, TwiSpike, and HarryShy (Fluttershy's Bear)!
  • Kyokimute with a 3 Page HarshTrouble Comic with a bonus page in Big Spoon Edition!
  • Bender Watt (whateverbender) with a 10 Page Animated SpEmber Comic with 2 bonus pages in Big Spoon Edition!
  • Frist with 2 Images, DonutSpike, Anthro WindyScootaBow,  and 2 more images in Big Spoon of QuibbleDashDaringZotl and Anthro GildaLane!
  • B.B. with a 2 page TwiRek Image Set with a bonus 2 pages in Big Spoon Edition!
  • Boiler3, A.K.A. “Hobbes Maxwell” with two TrixieManticore Images and a Bonus one in Big Spoon Edition.
  • StrangerDanger with an anthro ShiningCade image and a bonus anthro GuardsLestia image in Big Spoon.
  • Etya with a RarityDiamondDog Comic page with another page in Big Spoon Edition!
  • mlpfwb with 2 images, CelaenoDash and SpiRax with 2 more in Big Spoon Edition, TimberwolfSmith and RockJack
  • and ColdBlooded Twilight with 3 pages of CelestiLee with a bonus page in Big Spoon Edition!

Extras in Big Spoon Edition contain WIP's we didn't finish and some variants.

And once you're done looking through, tell us what you thought! Fill out our feedback survey here!

And don't hold back, we appreciate your honesty, and we can handle criticism. We want to make the next pack and those going forward more enjoyable and worth your while.

We hope you enjoy, big guy/girl ;3~! (Or little one~ ;3!)

Drops Tomorrow :3

Drops Tomorrow :3


Frist44's Profile Picture
Just "Frist" for now.
United States
tumblr: -

I love drawing, videogames, movies, the internet, Anime, Manga, webcomics and the like.

As far as getting along with others, I'm pretty good at it and can be friends with many different people. I tend to usually lend a hand to those who have trouble fitting in, but if they can't even help themselves, I can't do much for 'em.

I like to believe I can be a very understanding and sensitive person. To be honest, while I can learn to brush stuff off, I have the tendency to think too long and hard about things, and even let things get to me more than they should, but I'm learning.

I'll tell ya now, I'm no saint, though people tend to think so, mostly adults. I do prefer to be polite and considerate though. I like to think I'm a good person, and for the most part, I think I've succeeded in that so far..

I'm an aspiring webcomic artist, though I often find it hard to get myself off the ground and to buckle down and work on it, but I'm trying.

I'm a dedicated brony, a furry, bit of an otaku, and all around a fun guy. I love cosplay too. Nice ta meetcha!

I also give Miss Cheerilee a hand over at

Current Residence: If you really wanna know, Send me a message.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: I don't go looking for music. I let music come to me. Whatever sounds good.
Favourite style of art: Anime, Manga, Cartoon, Furry, Pony, Unique/Fun Stuff
Operating System: Windows, but I want to get used to Mac.
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Favourite cartoon character: Simon (Shee-mown) [Tengen-Toppa Gurren Lagann] because I can relate. Scootaloo because she is best filly.
Personal Quote: "All's well that ends wet."



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